Fixed Income Leaders 2021

05 - 06 October, 2021

Tradeweb - Aiex Stats

In Q4 2020 we saw a sizeable increase in average daily volumes traded across all products, comfortably surpassing both Q3 and pre-Covid levels, reflecting the increased confidence of clients to automate larger tickets. This was particularly evident in European government bonds and ETFs, where we saw trades of nearly €80 million and over €60m respectively. This increased adoption is also reflected in the less liquid sector across rates and credit, where developments in AiEX are being used to target specific pockets of liquidity, increasing hit rates without the associated higher transaction costs and information leakage. Another trend starting to take hold was the marked increase in the number clients adopting full end to end automation with AiEX, migrating from a “low touch” to “no touch” workflow again reflecting increased confidence in the tool.

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