Fixed Income Leaders 2018

November 06-November 08, 2018

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

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Since its inception in 2004 BGC Partners (“BGCP”) has expanded rapidly through large scale internal technology investments, a redeployment of its traditional global voice brokerage franchise, and an ongoing series of international and regional industry acquisitions. Providing multi-channel brokerage services since the emergence of its original parent Cantor Fitzgerald in 1945, BGCP’s financial strength has been utilised most recently in its sixteenth financial market addition, the purchase of GFI in February 2015. BGCP’s technical foundation was sparked in 1998 by the in-house creation and build of the renowned eSpeed system which became the foundation of the current BGC Trader platform. Inkeeping with this steady expansion BGCP has bolstered its set of availableexecution methods to include fully electronic CLOB (via FIX or native API and GUI), named and unnamed RFQ, multiple forms of auction, hybrid interaction with our 2550 voice brokers, and pure voice arrangement. The Fall of 2015 brings the progression of BGCP’s FENICS brand as the firm’s worldwide technology operator binding BGCP’s Pricing & Analytics,Execution, Risk Mitigation and Regulatory Advisory Services as well as Market Data and SaaS. FENICS will support BGCP’s SEF, DCM, MTF and will aid customers in complying with global rule making, and will act as the gateway through which the universe of BGCP’s participants will access the markets globally. Throughout the financial world,the acceleration of regulatory reform is transforming market practices and through linking a wide variety of market communities FENICS will become the carrier of BGCP’s firm-wide and world-wide liquidity.

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