Fixed Income Leaders 2018

November 06-November 08, 2018

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

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Rapid Addition

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RA was founded in 2003 with the development of the world’s first repository based FIX engine and since then we have continued to innovate and lead the world of electronic trading technology with high performance FIX solutions. In 2015 RA joined forces with DET technologies to provide our customers with an end to end core technology that delivers a low latency, highly robust and scalable platform to enable their electronic trading businesses. RA remains an independent company and our aim is to empower our customers to compete through the intellectual property of their trading strategies and algorithms, leveraging RA to provide the underlying messaging platform and connectivity layer to link their clients, venues and trading systems. Fast and cost effective to implement, with industry leading performance and scalability, RA not only enables customers to compete effectively today but also provides a future-proof platform on which to build and evolve their business. We strongly believe that delivering high performance should not impact usability, which is why RA solutions provide a high degree of control and transparency. Flexible configuration through easy to use interfaces enable rapid on-boarding of new clients, venues and algorithms, along with our OS and asset-class agnostic approach, means that customers can easily adapt the platform to meet their business needs. Complementing all of the above is the most comprehensive real-time monitoring tool on the market today, giving our customers the insight they need to ensure they have ultimate control over the performance and compliance of their trading operations.

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