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05 - 06 October, 2021

Tower Guoman Hotel, London or Attend Online

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LTX Best Execution Overview

The current MiFID II standard for best execution (“BestEx”) of fixed income compares trade outcomes against various market data sources for similar products. Through (i) liquidity metrics to better estimate existing liquidity for a specific bond and (ii) an innovative, patented digital trading protocol (“RFX®”), LTX provides clients with greater transparency into price formation and market demand via a cumulative view of the RFX session (“The Stack®”) creating a new standard of BestEx. LTX retains The Stack data following each RFX, allowing firms to fulfill internal BestEx and transaction cost analysis (“TCA”) mandates.

BlackRock iShares - Modernisation of the European Bond Market

Back in June 2019, BlackRock published “Primed for Growth,” which highlighted four major trends that are driving the growth of fixed income ETFs: increasing institutional adoption, modernisation of the bond market, portfolio construction and product innovation. In July 2020, BlackRock published “Turning Point” focusing on the increased institutional adoption of fixed income ETFs, a trend which has accelerated in 2020, on the back of COVID-19 market volatility. The modernisation of the European Bond Market explores another of the four trends in greater detail. This piece examines the driving forces behind bond market transformation, the impact of COVID-19 market volatility and takes a closer look at areas where modernisation has already had a profound impact and should continue to do so going forward.Find out more here:

Virtu Fact Sheet Fixed Income TCA and MarketAxess Composite October 2020

Fixed income transaction cost analytics (FI TCA) is an integral part of Virtu’s multiasset class TCA offering. It provides clients the ability to measure fixed income (FI) execution costs, manage broker relationships and determine pre-trade execution strategies, while helping to support best execution analysis. Capabilities include pre- and post-trade TCA, regulatory reporting data and trade surveillance—provided via Virtu technology and supported by our global client services and consulting teams.

Virtu Fact Sheet MultiAssetTCA August2020

Extend your analysis across asset classes with the help of our experienced global coverage team.Leverage Virtu’s global transaction cost analytics (TCA) across your equities, futures, FX and fixed income orders for insight on what it costs to implement your investment decisions.

Tradeweb - AIEX Overview

While others may talk the talk, we walk the walk. The proof? We have more than 7 year’s experience in automating trades, a fully cross-asset solution and continuous client collaboration that keeps us at the forefront of innovation. Use our automated intelligent execution (AiEX) tool to capitalise on strategic trading opportunities and increase reactivity to market conditions with greater speed of execution. Streamline and automate your workflow, identify cost saving opportunities and free up time to focus on the trades that require your expertise.

Tradeweb - Portfolio Trading one pager

Portfolio Trading, available for U.S., European, EM and Asian Credit, allows you to send large lists of buys and/or sells directly to a designated Portfolio Trader. Through the electronification of your portfolio trades, you’ll find better liquidity, reduce the risk of human error, ensure a more efficient information exchange and streamline your Excel-based workflow.

Tradeweb - FLEX RFQ one pager

Tradeweb’s FlexRFQ offers a smarter way for you to boost your competitiveness without compromising your position – giving you more options and the flexibility to trade the way you want. We’ve enhanced our FlexRFQ protocol to help improve the search for liquidity within European Credit markets, and also to help you to execute larger trades without leaving an excessive market footprint.

Tradeweb - Aiex Stats

In Q4 2020 we saw a sizeable increase in average daily volumes traded across all products, comfortably surpassing both Q3 and pre-Covid levels, reflecting the increased confidence of clients to automate larger tickets. This was particularly evident in European government bonds and ETFs, where we saw trades of nearly €80 million and over €60m respectively. This increased adoption is also reflected in the less liquid sector across rates and credit, where developments in AiEX are being used to target specific pockets of liquidity, increasing hit rates without the associated higher transaction costs and information leakage. Another trend starting to take hold was the marked increase in the number clients adopting full end to end automation with AiEX, migrating from a “low touch” to “no touch” workflow again reflecting increased confidence in the tool.

Tradeweb - SNAP IOI - FAQS

Q. What is SNAP IOI (Indication of Interest)? A. As we continue to evolve and grow our European Credit offering, one of our latest enhancements is an exciting new way of accessing inter-dealer liquidity via Tradeweb’s European Credit SNAP dealer selection tool. With this enhancement to our existing SNAP functionality, SNAP IOI offers a smarter way to refine your dealer selection process to include inter-dealer pool of liquidity

WisdomTree - AT1 CoCos continue to shine amid rising bond yields

US 10-year Treasury yields have risen from 0.91% to 1.47% since the end of 2020, accounting for a 62% rise. Not all asset classes behave the same in a rising yield environment. There are various ways to try to cushion portfolios within the bond world in a rising rate environment.

Tradeweb: RD2 AiEX Features Lite

List RFQ with AiEX Combine List RFQ trading with AiEX functionality to get the best of both protocols in one - for maximum speed and control

Fixed Income Trading in 2020: How Covid-19 Has Changed The Game

In Q2 of 2020, WBR Insights surveyed 100 Heads of Fixed Income Trading and similar from buy side firms across Europe to find out more about the challenges they’re facing during the covid-19 pandemic and the innovative solutions they’re putting in place. The survey was conducted by appointment over the telephone. The results were compiled and anonymised by WBR Insights and are presented here with analysis and commentary by Jane Street and the Fixed Income Europe community.

WisdomTree - European Union Bond UCITS ETF

Fund Investment Objective: The WisdomTree European Union Bond UCITS ETF (the “Fund”) seeks to track the performance, before fees and expenses of iBoxx EUR European Union Select Index (the “Index”). Index Description:The index is designed to reflect the performance of EUR denominated investment grade debt issued by the European Union (the “EU”) and contains only EU bonds that are issued to finance SURE and NextGenerationEU. In addition, new issuance of EU bonds under SURE are social bonds and a portion of issuance under NextGenerationEU could also fall under the social or green bond framework. The Index is market value weighted and rebalances monthly.

WisdomTree European Union Bond UCITS ETF

WisdomTree European Union Bond UCITS ETF offers investors exposure to bonds issued by the European Union which will sit alongside their core allocation to European Sovereign bonds, targeting a similar risk profile but currently with a higher yield than other AAA rated1 European Sovereigns.


LedgerEdge is a trading ecosystem that removes barriers to finding, sharing, and trading corporate bonds. Built on a distributed ledger framework, LedgerEdge allows users to engage and transact directly, limiting market impact and keeping full control of data with market participants. Find out more here:

FILS in Barcelona #1 Pre-Event Edition

Here is the first installment of the 'FILS in Barcelona Magazine', the Pre-Event Edition. This magazine was brought to you by our Official Magazine partner The DESK.

FILS in Barcelona #2 Day One Highlights Edition

Discover all of the highlights from day one at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit by reading the 'FILS in Barcelona Magazine' Day One Highlights Edition, brought to you by our Official Magazine partner The DESK.

FILS in Barcelona #3 Wrap-Up Edition

We've got one final installment of content for you with the release of the wrap-up edition of our 'FILS in Barcelona Magazine', brought to you by our Official Magazine partner The DESK. Inside you will find all of the key takeaways from day two, the top quotes of the conference and much more! 

Investigating Alternative Liquidity

Insights from 100 Heads of Fixed Income from across Europe as we attempt to discover more about the challenges they face and the innovative solutions they bring to the table.

[Whitepaper] An Automated Future: The Role of the Fixed Income Trader

WBR Insights and Bloomberg surveyed 100 Heads of Trading from across Europe to find out more about the challenges they face and the innovative solutions they bring to the table.

Clearing Solutions for the Buyside

Category 3 firms will be subjected to mandatory clearing under EMIR on the 21st June of 2019.  This will impact all financial counterparties exceeding the defined threshold of EUR 3 billion for OTC IRS, FX and commodity derivatives or, EUR 1 billion for equity and credit derivatives.  Not only that, but on 20th September 2019 and 2020, phases four and five of the uncleared margin rules will also be implemented.Discover how to stay ahead of the roll-out in this whitepaper from Eurex. 

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