Fixed Income Leaders 2018

06 - 08 November, 2018

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

44(0) 207 368 9540

Speaker Information:

David Bullen

Bullen Management

1:00 PM The Buy Side View: Establishing the wish list for new liquidity initiatives- What combination of protocols are now essential to access to give you the best possible access to liquidity?

Ø  What steps can you take to establish the best trading protocol to meet your liquidity needs?
Ø  What are currently the most commonly used trading protocols on the buy side and how will this evolve as eTrading increases across fixed income?
Ø  Key criteria- What characteristics of any new trading platform are essential in modern fixed income markets?
How can the use of multiple trading protocols complement each other to give you a wider picture of liquidity?

2:30 PM Platforms In The Spotlight: What new liquidity innovation is each platform promoting to improve your access to new pools?

Listen to a 10 minute innovation pitch from each platform to fully understand:
Ø  Trading protocol or innovation promoted
Ø  Unique selling point
Buy side adoption rates

9:00 AM In Conversation With The Buy Side: Assessing the post MiFID II landscape- What have been the intended and unintended consequences of implementation and how can you turn the remaining regulatory challenges into business opportunities?

Ø  A first assessment of MIFID II- What expected changes came to fruition after the deadline and what have been the unexpected consequences?
Ø  What new business models have emerged on the back of MiFID II to help buy and sell side firms meet their fiduciary and best execution duties?
Ø  Changes in buy side behaviour- How have the requirements for best execution, reporting and transparency been handled and how can you use this to your advantage?
MiFID 2.1- What small tweaks to the rules can be made on the back of implementation to improve fixed income markets?

2:40 PM Oxford Style Debate: True or False- The fragmented landscape of the asset class and high touch nature means a fixed income EMS is not needed

Ø  Evaluating the value proposition for a fixed income EMS- What are the use cases for and against adopting this technology?
Ø  Can a fixed income EMS fit all the buy side needs including connectivity, fragmentation and execution?
Ø  Is the market data environment rich enough in fixed income to suit the characteristics of an EMS or is this technology better suited to other asset classes?
Are there viable alternatives to a fixed income EMS, or is the push for more transparency and market data inevitably going to lead to more adoption of this technology? 

3:20 PM Oxford Style Debate: True or False- Brexit will not cause London to loose its place as the clearing capital of Europe

Ø  Competition vs. fragmentation- Establishing the case for and against moving clearing to the continent
Ø  The role of EMIR II on clearing and Brexit- What impact will this have on UK domiciled clearing houses and their role in European markets?
Ø  Is it possible for euro derivatives clearing to be mandated to move to the continent from London, and if so would what impact would this have on the current market structure?
The push for power- Where will the dominant clearing hub be in 5 years time and how will the current landscape differ?

8:50 AM Head Trader Keynote Panel: Redefining the execution champion- What are the three main characteristics that will define the success of a modern-day trading desk in the current fixed income market?

Ø  What have been the practical implications of addressing MiFID II and how has this impacted buy side execution models?
Ø  Redefining the role of a trader- How has the technological evolution reshaped traditional fixed income trading desks?
Ø  What characteristics are now essential to help you survive and thrive in a post MIFID II world?
With greater buy side collaboration, what can the buy side now do to further influence the direction of fixed income markets?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining David.

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