Fixed Income Leaders 2018

06 - 08 November, 2018

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

44(0) 207 368 9540

David Saab

Managing Director
JP Morgan Private Bank

2:40 PM 360 Perspective: Thinking outside the box- How can you best position your portfolio to compensate for a rising rate environment?

Ø  Ø  Responding to the end of QE- What impact will central bank tapering have on both your investment strategy and the dealing desk?
Ø  Preparing your investment portfolio for a new era- How the end of the ECB bond buying scheme impacts interest rates and where should you position yourself on the yield curve?
Ø  Reaching the finish line- What impact will the end of QE have on yields and the eligibility of different types of debt instruments?
Assessing the implications on the dealing desk- How will this impact liquidity and how you exit positions?

9:30 AM CIO Keynote Panel: Assessing the top 5 investment trends that will dominate fixed income markets in 2019- Is it the end of the bull run?

Ø  How can you best respond to a rising rates in both Europe and the US to come out on top in a new environment?
Ø  Diversification and risk reduction- What are the drivers for a successful portfolio over the next 12 months and how can you position yourself?
Ø  Risk vs. reward- Where are the opportunities for fixed income investing in 2018 and what are the factors that drive these?
How can you apply ‘out of the box’ thinking to drive your fund business and generate returns for your investors in an increasingly complex environment?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining David.

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