Fixed Income Leaders 2018

November 06-November 08, 2018

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

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Euronext is the primary exchange in the Eurozone with more than 1,300 listed issuers. Euronext operates regulated and transparent equities and derivatives markets in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and the UK. Its total product offering includes Equities, ETFs, Warrants & Certificates, Bonds, Derivatives, Commodities and Indices, as well as technology and managed services to third parties. Fixed Income market participants choose to trade on Euronext because it provides quality markets with our retail focused Regulated Markets. With Euronext Synapse, we’re developing a new institutional focused MTF powered by Algomi, targeting the illiquid credit segment and interconnecting pools of liquidity and counterparties within an anonymous inter-dealer centralised market place. It links banks and their costumers together for liquidity, execution and reporting services with the appropriate level of protection. Euronext also acquired FastMatch, the fastest growing ECN in the spot Foreign Exchange market, broadening the spectrum of products we provide to customers. FastMatch recently launched FX Tape, a global consolidated tape for FX spot market that will improve transparency for investors.

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