Fixed Income Leaders 2021

05 - 06 October, 2021

BlackRock iShares - Modernisation of the European Bond Market

Back in June 2019, BlackRock published “Primed for Growth,” which highlighted four major trends that are driving the growth of fixed income ETFs: increasing institutional adoption, modernisation of the bond market, portfolio construction and product innovation. In July 2020, BlackRock published “Turning Point” focusing on the increased institutional adoption of fixed income ETFs, a trend which has accelerated in 2020, on the back of COVID-19 market volatility. The modernisation of the European Bond Market explores another of the four trends in greater detail. This piece examines the driving forces behind bond market transformation, the impact of COVID-19 market volatility and takes a closer look at areas where modernisation has already had a profound impact and should continue to do so going forward.

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